Chef Brandon Carter



As Executive Chef and Partner of FARM Bluffton, Carter works tirelessly to connect the dining experience with the farmer’s market culture. Always cognizant of seasonality and availability of ingredients, Carter crafts ever-evolving menus (right down to the cocktails) that speak to the bounty of our region, and pay homage to the many farmers and artisans who inspire him.

Carter’s cooking is influenced by a collage of formative experiences. His Mom always rushed home to make sure there was a hot meal on the table for Carter and his sister. And, it was his father who always made sure they stopped at a roadside stand for boiled peanuts during their drives. When Carter’s Mom remarried, the family would to travel to Italy every summer to visit his step-siblings, and that is where Carter decided he wanted to be a chef.

Before collaborating on the FARM Bluffton concept, Carter was Executive Chef at the Inn at Palmetto Bluff. Carter joined Palmetto Bluff as Chef de Cuisine in January 2011, assisting with the management of the River House Restaurant, including menu planning and all aspects of production and service. One year later, Brandon took the helm as Executive Chef where he oversaw four restaurants, twice as many menus, and was the grand poobah of everything on everyone’s plate at the nationally lauded Music to Your Mouth food and wine event, which landed the Bluff on Bon Appetit’s top ten foodie destination list in 2013. Previously, Carter served as Chef de Cuisine and Chef de Partie at The Ritz-Carlton Naples in South Florida, assisting with the management of three of the hotels restaurants from 2004 to 2008. Carter also served as the Executive Chef of the Belly General Store and as the Chef de Cuisine of Mumbo Jumbo Bar and Grill from 2000 to 2004.

He loves pin up girls, pork, tattoos, hiding tattoos from his wife, quoting Bon Jovi, and late night trips to the taco truck in old town Bluffton.